Beeswax Wood Polish & Leather Conditioner Balm

Collection: Beeswax Wood Polish & Leather Conditioner Balm

Our beeswax wood polish and leather balm are made with a variety of natural, non-toxic ingredients, which means you can safely use them all around the home without worry.

We use only the best pesticide-free beeswax, freshly harvested from our small apiary.

Our polishes and balms are:

  • made with pure Australian beeswax
  • contain only natural, plant-based oils
  • non-toxic
  • food-safe
  • chemical-free
  • fragrance-free
  • No animal testing
  • Packed in aluminium containers that can be repurposed or recycled when empty.  

Our natural beeswax wood polish and beeswax leather conditioning balm are handmade with care right here in our farm studio in regional NSW. 

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