Gifts that taste good, feel good, and do good

Who could say no to Australian handcrafted products that are good for you AND the planet?

Whether you’re looking for a mindful gift or self-care treat for yourself, we make it easy to tread
lightly with our range of eco-friendly honeybee products, beeswax, and tea blends made for conscious consumers.

Straight from the hive, tea fields, and our home – to you.
It’s never been easier to give thoughtfully while giving back to the earth.

All-time natural favourites from the bees

Don’t settle for mass-produced or inferior brands. Find out why everyone’s discovering our irresistible handmade Australian beeswax and honey products. These bestsellers are always in demand:

Harmony Hive Co Sticky honey chai in a green mug

Have you tried our Sticky Honey Chai yet?

Our famous sticky chai is so easy to drink, but impossible to forget.

Perhaps it’s our special blend of Australian-grown tea and aromatic chai spices.

Or maybe it’s the 100% raw honey from our Collombatti bees this blend is smothered in to seal in the rich flavours.

Either way, with a well-rounded sweetness and mild spicy finish, our sticky chai stimulates the senses and soothes the soul.

Guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of chai lovers. And so good, it’s addictive.


About Collombatti Naturals

Unlike most brands, we don’t just sell beeswax and honey products. We also keep and care for the honeybees who’ve shaped our story since 2010.

We’re an earth-loving family team, dedicated to bringing you an exclusive range of eco-friendly handmade products and gifts that feature locally-sourced natural ingredients.

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