Our Story

Collombatti Naturals makers of eco-friendly handmade Australian gifts buy online

Collombatti Naturals is a small family business located in Collombatti, part of the beautiful Macleay Valley Coast, NSW.  

Initially started as a part-time business, Collombatti Naturals was created as a way to sell our excess honey and beeswax to supplement the escalating feed costs for our alpacas during several years of drought.  But when Covid hit and both Rob and I found ourselves unemployed, our little side hustle became our full-time passion.

The one constant has been that our products are all handmade, eco-friendly and highlight natural, locally sourced ingredients and materials.  

A Family Business 

My name is Sue and I’m the owner-manager of Collombatti Naturals. My role is as the maker, creator, mover and shaker of the whole business. 

My trusty sidekick is Rob,  who's my hubby, postman, handy-man and fixer of all things broken.

Bec is our eldest daughter and a social media whizz. She’s the one who’ll answer all of your questions and is always up for a chat.  

Jess is the youngest and an international marketing expert (she lives in London). Our logo, product graphics and wording are all hand-drawn by her.
Daughter-in-law Siobhan lovingly hand picks all of your products and packs them ready for posting.
And of course we have our hardworking bees and alpacas who complete the family.
That’s us!
We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them.


- Sue