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Awesome Service

Nothing makes me happier than supporting a local small business and Collombatti is one of the best when it comes to customer service! As the months become cooler, it's definitely time to reorder my faves, Sticky Chai and Chilli Chai. I love them black, without milk and they are perfect to add to a thermos while watching my daughter play soccer. I also like the ethics of the company with compostable pouches delivered in plastic free recyclable boxes!


Love my lip balms.
Cute little containers.
Will be ordering more .
Thanks Bec🥰

Thread conditioner

I noticed a big difference when using this product. Less thread tangles and knitting. FTER COUPLE OF WEEKS THE PRODUCT WENT VERY HARD, SOLID BLOCK. NOT GIVING ME THE SAME EFFECT SINCE

Hi Rhonda,

Thank you so much for your 5 star review!

The good news is, beeswax is a completley natural and stable product so it will continue working as expected for many, many years.

With the non-removable thread conditioner, if you are finding it's not adding enough wax to your thread, I suggest creating a narrow groove in the top of the wax (use a tooth pick or similar) to run your thread through. This should help provide a more even coating to your threads.

Hope this helps!

Cheers - Sue

Love the Lip Balm

The Honey Lip Balm is excellent. You only need such a tiny bit and it works very quickly. Only a subtle taste which is great, and your lips feel like there is nothing there but it is a great protector in wind etc.


Lovely honey flavour without being "potent".

Devine candles without any guilt

These candles and wonderfully divine leaving a lovely prue honey scent in the air. At first I brought these because there was no plastic waste as a result of using them. They exceeded my expectations and many purchases later still remain the best candles I have ever used. Support this wonderful small business that cares about the planet and produces exceptional products.

Loved my order!

I get the sweet n sticky honey chai every time I order. I absolutely love the taste . I put boiling water and let it infuse then add a tad of milk, absolutely my favourite so far. Every visitor I've had and made this for as well has enjoyed it as much as I have too.

Loved my order!

Absolutely have loved every tea I've ordered. I've struggled with finding the right tea for me especially with store bought black teas make my anxiety and depression reach level 1000 because of the caffeine! I can't stand the store bought herbal teas and I'm so glad my sister in-law introduced me to Collombatti Naturals! Every order I've ordered something different and have liked every single one. I end my night with the calm blend before bed. Had the hormone helper during my monthly and was very relaxing, Introduced the pink ginger lift to my mother and she absolutely loves the taste and the colour too! Every time I've ordered everything comes fast and the customer service is on point.

Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea
Christine Messenger
Love it

Was nervous about trying something new but I really love this chai mix. Best as a brewed chai but have taken the quick option (in water) and it is still very nice.


All the teas were delicious. Well balanced and I've thoroughly enjoyed them.

However I felt other than the rooibos and plain black tea, they tasted very similar (once they had a bit of honey). I didn't feel the flavours of the tumeric, chilli or cocao came through very strongly.

Choc-mint lip balm is a choccie fix with no calories, brilliant moisturiser is a bonus.

Dry hard skin gone, might even think about a pedicure :


Highly recommend this company. They went above and beyond, working with me to customise a gift loosely based on the Mega Treats box. The quality is excellent and the presentation was simply beautiful. Thank you Collombatti Naturals for putting a smile on the face of someone who desperately needed a lift. Will not hesitate to use them again.

Old wood fresh look

Very happy with the result of this wood polish, it brought my old wood-handled shaving set back to life! Looking forward to freshening up some old furniture next!

So good!

Chopping boards are rejuvenated & all wooden kitchen tools protected - had just finished cleaning away incipient mould after all the wet weather we've had up here in Northern NSW. Thanks to your team!

So yum!

This was my first time trying chai! I absolutely love it. It's a great late afternoon pick up.

Dry skin begone

My husband has or should I say had a callous forming on his only good hand. I started using this a bit over a week ago and his hand is looking great. He also has an extremely dry spot on his foot which I have started putting it on. I am thinking in a week or so that will be gone to. This product is brilliant.

Honey & Peppermint Solid Lotion Bar

Absolutely love this product, so natural, smells gorgeous and works wonders!

Golden Moon Milk
Renee McLaggan
Delicious and Excellent Quality and Value

I am really enjoying my Moon Milk and honey. The flavours are delicious and very enjoyable. The quality and value for money is excellent, and the service and speed of everything arriving was fabulous too. I highly recommend this seller and their goods! I look forward to trying other flavours in the range and some of the other beeswax products available.

Honey & Peppermint Solid Lotion Bar

This is brilliant for those of us prone to getting cracks in our heels. I've been using once a day all summer and have not had one crack even though I rarely wear shoes. Also got my daughter and husband to use it with similar results. Thank you so much for developing this product.

Great Stuff

Only used it a few times but helped greatly

Best Chai Tea Ever

I love the chai tea, it tastes amazing!

The smell is to die for!

I received my sticky chai last week and have had one every day since. The flavour is irresistible and I love that every time I open the cupboard the beautiful spicy smell comes wafting out. I highly recommend.

Only just arrived and not used as yet. Looking forward to some pampering this weekend.

Most delicious tea!

This is the most delicious tea I've ever had. I like the suble Daintree tea mixed with spices and honey - it's a lovely blend!