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5 Best Australian Native Plants for a Bee-Friendly Garden

Looking to attract bees to your garden?

Discover these beautiful native plants that are just what you need!

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, and with the decline in their numbers, it's essential to create a bee-friendly environment. By avoiding pesticides and planting bee-favored flowers, you can make a difference.

1. Jelly Bush

Collombatti Naturals 5 Best Australian Native Plants for a bee-friendly garden Jelly or Honey Bush
Also known as Honey Bush, this native shrub produces a rich nectar source. It's sun-loving, drought-resistant, and grows up to 3 meters tall.

Ideal as a hedge or screening plant, it blooms with tiny white flowers in spring, attracting not only bees but also butterflies and other pollinators.

2. Gorse Bitter Pea

Collombatti Naturals 5 best Australian Native bee-friendly plants picture of gorse bitter pea with yellow and orange flowers

With bright yellow flowers and a deep red center, this spiny plant thrives in harsh conditions. Resilient even after bushfires, it releases nitrogen back into the soil, improving its quality.

Bees, butterflies, and various wildlife are drawn to its pollen-rich blooms.

3. Grevillea

Collombatti Naturals 5 Best Australian Native plants to attract bee picture of a pinky red grevilleaAvailable in various sizes and colours, from ground covers to towering trees, Grevillea is a favourite among nectar-loving honey-eaters and bees.

Indigenous Australians have traditionally used Grevillea for its sweet nectar. The nectar-rich blooms of the Grevillea plant were valued as a food source. <>

4. Hardenberg (Happy Wanderer)

Collombatti Naturals 5 best native Australian plants to attract bees picture of Happy Wanderer with lilac coloured flowers
This evergreen climber boasts stunning purple flowers in winter. It spans coastal ranges across several states.

Easy to grow from cuttings or seeds, it's non-invasive and serves as an informal screen. Perfect for attracting native bees.

5. Westringia (Coastal Rosemary)

Collombatti Naturals 5 best Australian Native plants to attract bees picture of westringa with white flowers
Loved by bees, this low-maintenance shrub blooms with white to lavender-colored flowers. This drought-resistant and hardy shrub can be found along the East coast of Australia.

Despite its name, Westringia lacks a strong aroma in both leaves and flowers.


Collombatti Naturals 5 Australian natives to plant for a bee friendly garden picture of bees on a red grevillea

Creating a bee-friendly garden is not only beneficial for these vital pollinators but also contributes to a healthier ecosystem.

These five Australian native plants are not only beautiful additions to your garden but also play a significant role in supporting bee populations.  

By making these choices, you're making a positive impact on the environment.

At Collombatti Naturals, we plant a variety of plants and shrubs that flower at all times of the year, ensuring our bees always have something to forage on. This dedication to their well-being is reflected in our natural beeswax and cold-pressed raw honey.

Each product carries an aroma reminiscent of the diverse array of flowers our bees diligently collect nectar from.

To find out more, check out this article by Australian Plants Online on "Bee-friendly Gardening".

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