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5 Good Reasons To Use A Beeswax Wood Polish

Beeswax wood polish is a natural, non-toxic alternative to harmful chemical polishes. It protects wood from damage and stains, while also providing a protective layer that keeps moisture away from the surface.

Beeswax provides a beautiful, long-lasting finish that nourishes and preserves the wood. The wax also provides a pleasant aroma, adds luster and shine to the wood surface, and helps to repel water and dirt.

Beeswax wood polish is an excellent choice for use around the home and for woodworkers looking for an environmentally friendly way of finishing their wood projects.

 Collombatti Naturals picture of a wooden outdoor setting maintained with beeswax wood polish

1: Beeswax Wood Polish Protects From Water Damage

Using a beeswax wood polish is an effective way to protect wooden items from water damage. Beeswax creates a protective layer on the surface of the wood, helping to seal out moisture and prevent it from penetrating the wood's fibres.

It can also help prevent cracking, staining, and fading caused by exposure to water.

To use beeswax wood polish, simply apply a thin layer of the polish to the wood and buff with a soft cloth.

Reapply periodically to maintain protection. If used regularly, a beeswax polish will help keep wooden surfaces looking beautiful for years to come.

 Collombatti Naturals beeswax wood polish used on a wooden bench top with a bowl of fruit on the right

2: Beeswax Wood Polish helps repair scratches

Beeswax wood polish is an natural product that can be used to repair scratches on furniture and other wooden surfaces.

Bee's wax is naturally hard but is made easier to apply when mixed with linseed oil, so when rubbed into the wood it fills in any scratches and creates a smooth finish.

The wax also protects the wood from further damage by sealing it against moisture and humidity.

Beeswax wood polish not only helps conceal scratches but also gives the wood a beautiful glossy finish.

Collombatti Naturals 5 Reasons to use a beeswax wood polish picture of bees on honeycomb

3. Beeswax Is Sustainable

Beeswax is a naturally-derived product, making it a sustainable choice for wood polishes.

It is made from the wax secreted by honey bees and does not involve any animal testing or harsh chemicals.

As a result, it is safe for both indoor and outdoor use and helps to protect and nourish the wood.

Additionally, beeswax is biodegradable, so it won't leave any residue on the wood surfaces or in the environment.

Collombatti Naturals 5 Reasons to use a beeswax wood polish picture of a cutting board before and after polishing

4. Beeswax won't stain wooden surfaces

Beeswax is a popular choice for maintaining woodwork due to its ability to provide a natural, non-toxic finish that enhances the look of the wood's natural grain without adding colour.

Beeswax wood polish gives your woodwork a clear, protective coating that both retains and repels moisture.

Collombatti Naturals 5 Reasons to use a beeswax wood polish picture of wooden kitchen utensils and a wooden cutting board

5: Beeswax is Non-Toxic

Beeswax wood polish is an ideal choice for maintaining wooden kitchen utensils because it is non-toxic, making it safe for everyday use around food preparation areas.

It is easy to apply to chopping boards, countertops, and other wood utensils such as wooden spoons and salad servers. With regular cleaning and maintenance, beeswax polish can help keep wooden food utensils looking their best for years to come.

Wooden chopping boards can last for several years with regular cleaning and maintenance. One of the best methods to keep them in good working order is to use a food-safe Beeswax wood polish as it provides protection against drying and cracking.

Collombatti Naturals 5 Reasons to use a beeswax wood polish picture of Beeswax Wood Polish

Why choose Collombatti Naturals Beeswax Wood Polish?

Collombatti Natural's Beeswax Wood Polish is an all-natural, Australian-made wood finish designed with you and your home in mind.

Our non-toxic, food-safe formula is safe for use on all timber surfaces, including furniture, benchtops, wooden utensils, and chopping boards.

Alternatively, if you're interested in making your own polish, we can supply you with pure Australian beeswax from our own apiary.  In addition to beeswax, we add raw linseed oil as it is a natural, renewable resource that has long been used to protect and restore wood surfaces. It is fast-drying, non-toxic, and helps resist water damage. We use and recommend Australian-grown raw linseed oil from Stoney Creek Oil.

Collombatti Naturals 5 Reasons to use a beeswax wood polish picture of Stoney Creek Raw Linseed Oil

So we hope that we've convinced you that using beeswax wood polish is an excellent way to keep your woodwork looking beautiful and well-maintained.

With beeswax wood polish you can have a sustainable, non-toxic finish that enhances the look of the wood's grain, naturally.

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I am tempted to do a electric guitar in bee’s Wax finish, looks awesome. Have done oil finishes in past but never thought about bee’s Wax until recently. Have a guitar with chipped up poly finish and this looks like a great alternative.. easy to maintain, economical and really a lot of depth in this finish.. great article by the way..


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