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Wrap it Up With Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wraps DIY Kits

Making your own Beeswax wraps couldn’t be easier with our DIY fuss-free kits!

Our pre-mixed formula, made from natural, food-safe ingredients, takes all the hassle out of creating your own food wraps. No measuring, grating, or weighing is necessary – just melt and go! 

Our customizable kits let you create wraps in any size to fit your individual needs. Plus, we package and ship them in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

Give the gift of DIY with our Beeswax wrap kits - perfect for kids and adults alike! 

  • Easily make your own food wraps with pre-mixed food-safe ingredients

  • Save time and effort - no measuring, grating, or weighing required, just melt and go!

  • Make your food wraps in any size you want

  • Environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging 

Learn more about making and caring for your Beeswax Wraps here

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